Scented Candle, Rose & White Musk, Flint, Small

Scented Candle, Rose & White Musk, Flint, Small

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Take a deep breath and turn your living room into an oasis of wellbeing. The FRAGA scented candle in the colour Flint Stone creates a delightfully relaxed atmosphere with its Rose & White Musk fragrance. The characteristic concrete look gives the lightly scented candle a unique touch. Thanks to the use of natural soy wax, the candle is free from toxins, environmentally friendly, and will burn for as long as 24 hours with extremely low soot production. Also available in large.

The scent „Rose & White Musk“: Feminine and warm – a refreshing walk in a garden of roses. The tender rose supported with the masculine scent of white musk. This combination creates a perfect harmony of feminine sweetness and masculine strength. It stimulates to open the heart and harmonise feelings.

flint stone
Diameter:65 mm
Height: 80 mm
Width:65 mm
Size: S